Granting a wish for Jacob

THORSBY, Ala. (WIAT) — There’s home just off County Road 37 that’s very familiar address for the Cedar Grove Fire Department.

“He’s a special little boy, we’ve run several calls on him out here and we try to help any way we can,” said Chief Adam Price.

They’ve seen 3-year-old Jacob Jones at his worst.

“They’ve seen me cry scream, they’ve seen scream, they’ve seen, you know the hard days,” said his mother Erica.

But Saturday afternoon, they saw his mother smile and Jacob having one of the best days of his life.

Make-A-Wish Alabama, All Star Pool and Spa, Supreme Electric, American Concrete Foundations and Wall, Crane Works and Alabama Teen Challenge  teamed up to grant Jacob’s wish of getting his own therapy pool.

“They are a great family, they’ve went beyond what most families would do for Jacob and it’s just a blessing to be here and celebrate with them,” said Adam.

Jacob’s family used to have to travel nearly an hour away for his therapy. He has Tay Sachs Disease.

“His muscles are extremely tight because he has low tone and he just has a hard time, bless his heart he gets toted around and he gets sore. With us not having to get in the car, move him around, he can enjoy it, no matter what time of day we can get him out there and he can just relax.”

Erica says life expectancy is between three and five years. He cannot speak and solely relies on his emotions to communicate with family and friends.

Jacob has daily seizures and is confined to a wheelchair. He is constantly hooked up to a suction machine and feeding machine, which help him live as normal a life as possible. Swimming allows Jacob to stay active and helps his body curb his condition.

Copyright 2014 WIAT-CBS42

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