Overpass attack on 31st Street exit

Photo Courtesy: Meredith Lucas
Photo Courtesy: Meredith Lucas

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Another driver in Birmingham is reporting being hit by an object near an overpass. This time, the attack moves off the Red Mountain Expressway, and onto I-20/59.

Meredith Lucas says her car was struck on I-20/59 at the 31st Street exit. Her description, similar to the previous victims, was that it sounded like a gun shot.

“Then I looked in the rearview mirror and there was just glass flying off my car. So I, I don’t remember how I even got over or if I looked when I got over, but I pulled over onto the side. The whole top of my sunroof just exploded basically. It was terrifying. I was hysterical when I called my mom. I genuinely thought I was shot at, but I’m sure that’s not what happened. My initial thought was oh my gosh what do I do.” –Meredith Lucas

Meredith is now part of group that no one wants to be in; drivers that believe they’ve been attacked from overpasses around the city. Meredith said she called her mother who told her she had heard reports of these types of attacks happening over by Saint Vincent’s and Highlands. The $5800 in damages hurts, but Lucas is glad to be alive. She wants to send a message to whoever’s doing this, before they take something that money can’t replace. “If that is the case, if people are throwing stuff off of the interstate, that could kill someone.”

No arrests have been made in any of these alleged attacks. CBS42 reached out to Lieutenant Sean Edwards with Birmingham Police on Monday, but had to leave a message.

If you have any information on these attacks, call Crimestoppers at: 254-7777

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