Protecting your plants from the cold

protecting your plants

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — If you’ve already put a jump start to your spring gardening make sure you take care of the plants when the temperatures begin to drop. CBS42 meteorologists are reporting that there will be a drop during the overnight hours this week.

If you have plants in a container or a pot, experts at the Garden Shop in Homewood say to bring them indoors at night. A good spot to put them includes: the garage, a greenhouse, or any place that isn’t susceptible to freezing. If you’ve already planted anything in the ground, Pam Clark, with the Garden Shop says, “the best thing to do is to cover what [you’ve] planted with fabric. Plastic is not the best choice. You want to cover, cover them with something that breathes.”

Clark recommends a cotton sheet to cover outdoor plants. She says to pay special attention to anything that has already started growing because the leaves and sprouts are delicate.

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