Search continues for missing man in Greene County

EUTAW, Ala. (WIAT) — Brian Smith painted a picture for CBS42 of what happened on March 9, 2014, which is the last time anyone saw his brother, Kevin Gray.

Smith tells CBS42 that Gray was seated in the driver’s seat while Smith was in the passenger seat of a rented 2014 Dodge Challenger.

Now, Smith says he and his brother were driving along the road to the Locke 7 boat ramp at a relatively leisurely pace.

The speed breakers didn’t stop the car. Suddenly, the car came upon a guardrail and smashed through it before plunging into the Black Warrior River.

The search has scaled back dramatically.

Marine police are still on the water. They’re looking at different parts of the river and plan to circle back to the spot where Smith identified the car going into the river.

So far, it’s been difficult on the family.

The sheriff’s office has distributed missing persons flyers in hopes of drumming up some new information that could lead to finding him.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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