Gadsden man dragged to death

GADSDEN, Ala. — (WIAT) Dragged by an alleged drunk driver. Now a man is dead and his niece is believed to be responsible. It all happened early Thursday morning in Gadsden in Northeastern, Alabama.

“His leg was in the seat belt and he was hanging outside the car,” says Ashley Harris a Waffle House employee.

She had just finished up her shift at the restaurant when Keeley Jane Maddox ended up in the parking lot. Her uncle, Matthew Goodard was in bad shape.

“There was so many people out here trying to pick him up,” says Harris.

Investigators believe Goddards horrific trip started at 8th street. That’s where he fell out of the car and then was dragged nearly 2 miles to the Waffle House.

“She was going about 80 or 90 miles per hour from 8th street to here,” estimates Harris.

And orange chalk marks on the road show the weaving path Maddox’s car and uncle took, including the sharp turn into Waffle House and the quick stop.

“She parked and actually was like ‘I didn’t know he was here,'” claims Harris. “‘I didn’t know he was in the car.’ I don’t understand how you can not know someone’s hanging outside your car.”

It could have been intoxication. Maddox has now been arrested for DUI. Officials say this isn’t her first time either. Unfortunately in this incident, it cost her uncle his life.

CBS 42 talked to Matthew Goddard’s family. They tell us he was a loving son and father who leaves behind several children and grandchildren.

Copyright 2014 WIAT-CBS42

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