Baby covered in glass when window explodes


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – It’s a story that CBS 42 News has been following. Drivers who pass the Highland Avenue overpass on Red Mountain Expressway reporting shattered windshields and windows. Most of the incidents we’ve been following happened overnight, but on Saturday, it happened in broad daylight, with a baby in the backseat.

Regina Leonard from Sylacauga was in Birmingham for a hair show with her family. She was driving her green Nissan Altima towards downtown Birmingham on the Expressway. When she drove through the Highland Avenue overpass, the driver’s side rear window shattered.

Jerlene Street and Mary Graham were in the backseat. “All of a sudden, it was just a bam,” they said.

None of the women remember seeing any object come towards the car as they came out of the overpass. “Nothing but traffic. Nothing out of the unusual, just traffic,” says Leonard.

She’s just grateful it wasn’t any worse. “I just thank God I was able to maintain the steering wheel and not actually know what happened til it was over,” she says.

CBS 42 News will continue to follow this story and any other incidents like it. If you know of any damaged windshields or windows by the Highland Avenue overpass on the Red Mountain Expressway, e-mail

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