Beagle reunited with owner after missing for 17 months

Courtesy: WTAE

BRENTWOOD, Pa. (CNN) — A wayward pet beagle has been reunited with her rightful owner after being separated for nearly a year-and-a-half and hundreds of miles. As time went on, the possibilities started to dwindle. And she reached a point where she gave up hope. But 17 months later and four-hundred miles away, the unthinkable happened. Cindy and Ernie Romans are reunited with their beagle, Sassy.

It was October 2012 in Kentucky when sassy was separated from the Romans. What they didn’t know is their dog ended up in a kill shelter. She was saved by Forever Home Beagle Rescue, based out of Pittsburgh, and later placed with a foster family, April Smith and Hope Wilson from Brentwood.

When April took Sassy to the vet last week they checked for a microchip. The data showed who Sassy’s true owner was. So they started working feverishly for this moment to happen. They can only presume the shelter Sassy was in never checked for the microchip in the first place. If they had this moment may not have taken so long and probably would have never ended in Pennsylvania.

And because of that tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, the Romans get their storybook ending. “I would love for every pet owner who has ever lost a pet to be able to feel this moment right now. I’m just over the moon excited,” said Cindy.

Boyd County Animal Shelter in Kentucky says they do check animals for microchips but when asked about Sassy’s specific situation, they did not have a comment.

Copyright: The story was shared by CNN via WTAE

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