Swann family will remain in Colorado in spite of Carly’s Law

Swann family will remain in Colorado for CBD Oil treatments even with UAB approved study in Alabama.

Fountain, Co. (WIAT) – In just a few months UAB will begin to study the medicinal effects of an oil derived from marijuana.

Earlier this week CBS42 sat down with Neuroscientist David Standaert Ph.D. at UAB to learn more about how they plan to move forward with research into Cannabidol or CBD oil.

State legislators gave the green light to the million dollar study last week.

The study will focus on if and how the oil reduces severe seizures.

But it’s not something that can happen overnight. In fact it could be at least six months before any work can be done.

Standaert explains “There are many other levels of regulation here too. We have to deal with federal regulation… We have to consult with the Drug Enforcement Administration… The FDA… Our IRB, which regulates all of our research, all of these agencies will have a role in helping us move this forward hopefully.”

The research comes as part of a stripped down bill known as Carly’s Law.

While advocates call it a bold first step for our state, is it enough to bring families that relocated to other states for CBD treatments back home?

On Saturday we spoke the Swann family via skype…

They moved to Colorado last September.

Their daughter Allie began receiving treatments in December…

Allie Swann has always been a special needs child but it wasn’t long after her pre-school years that the seizures came.

Ten years later the Swann family was desperate for relief and it was at that time they learned of a program in Colorado that could help.

Butch Swann knew a decision had to be made quickly. “We knew if we were going to do it… We need to go now…

Need to get on this wait list and be within the first 50 or 60 people.”

That was in September and the gamble paid off. By December Allie was receiving the drug known as “Charlottes Web.”

“She has not had a drop seizure since November of last year. Before we came here she was having 10 to 20 seizures a day. As of today it’s been 12 days since we’ve seen the last one.”

But with the success in Colorado and now the approval to begin trials at UAB will the Swann’s be coming home soon?

Butch Swann says that’s unlikely. “We’re at the point where we don’t want to stop the c-w… “Charlotte’s Web” and go try something else… Because “Charlottes Web” is working for us.”

Swann says there are still too many unknowns at this point to move his family again. Right now the University cannot say for certain how the drug will be given, where the supply will come from, or how long the trial will last.
And that’s just too much to risk giving up on a good thing going on in Colorado.

“I don’t want people to think Carly’s Law is not good in any way… because it is… We just have to start the process now of adding what we need to add to get it to where it needs to be.”

Now the Swann family says says they have reached out to Alabama Coach Nick Saban and Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn to recruit their support for further expansion of Carly’s Law in the future.

If you would like to apply to be a part of the UAB study you can email them at cbd@uabmc.edu or call 205-975-8883.

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