Driving in flood like conditions

Rain begins to pool

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Chances are you may need to get out on the road either Sunday night or Monday morning for work. When you do, it’s important to remember to be careful.

First drive slowly, and brake gradually. All it takes as little as an inch of water to cause you to hydroplane.

Do not attempt to drive on a water covered road. It doesn’t take much water to wash out a road bed.

If a road is washed out, you may end up getting stuck.

Six inches of water can stall a car. If water reaches a foot, a vehicle can end up floating.  Two feet of water is enough to carry large SUV’s away.

If you can avoid driving at all overnight and into Monday morning, please do so. But if you have to get out there, again just remember to be safe, drive slowly, and brake gradually.

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