Homewood couple grateful to be alive after flood rescue

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — The Red Cross has set up cots inside the gym at Dawson Baptist Church for people who have nowhere to go because of flooding.

Many families received a rude wakeup call early Monday morning.

“I opened the window and there was like thee, four feet of water,” said Lee Sneller. “I ran and got her, and by the time we got out it was like four or five feet of water, I felt like.”

Sneller and his wife, Courtney, and two dogs made it out of their apartment just in time.

Their clothing and other belongings are ruined.

“Both of our cars are gone, too, and so is all our stuff, and we kind of just have to start over,” Sneller said.

Homewood police took the families to a temporary shelter inside a gym on Greensprings before moving them over to Raleigh Avenue Baptist Church.

While there, volunteers served breakfast to parents and children, many of whom were still wearing soaking clothing.

“They need a place to go, a dry place, a warm place. A place where they can get food,” Homewood Police Chief Jim Roberson said. “My thanks go out to the volunteers at Raleigh Avenue Baptist Church for stepping up and helping us.”

Courtney’s parents rushed to the shelter as soon as they heard what had happened.

While Lee and Courtney Sneller may have lost most of their stuff, they haven’t lost sight of what matters most.

“At least we’re here. Really, that’s all that’s important,” Sneller said.

Roberson says it may take a while for the water to go down at the apartment complex, so that’s why families are staying at the shelter for the night.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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