Neighbors band together when floodwaters threaten apartments

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — At the height of the overnight storms, as the rain poured down, people at Lakeshore Garden Apartments woke up to find water outside their doors. The water was rising fast.

“When we woke up it was moving like a river, so by the time we put on our clothes and opened the door – five minutes – it was flooded,” said Angela Irby.

“I actually opened my window and I saw police lights and fire stuff outside, because I didn’t want to open my door because I figured it would rush in,” another resident said. “There was a fireman and he said there’s an evacuation, we got to go.”

Before rescue crews even got in their boats in the water, a lot of people told CBS42 their neighbors were the first responders. They were making sure everyone knew it was time to evacuate or get to higher ground.

“It was a lot of banging on the door. People were coming around making sure people were getting out,” Stephanie Carmen said.

People in the second floor apartments opened their doors and shared their homes with their neighbors on the first floor.

“Everybody’s been super nice – offering warm clothes,” Monique Hahn said. “These aren’t even my clothes.”

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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