Apartment resident picking up the pieces after Monday’s flooding

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT)  — Monique Hahn tells herself that the things in her apartment are just stuff. Her family’s antique furniture, her mother’s paintings and a box of pictures filled with precious memories of her dad.

However, while they may be thought of as mere items, they feel like much more to Hahn.

“All my grandparents are dead. I’m not gonna cry,” Hahn said as she looked through her belongings. “Some of it is from my grandparents and stuff and my dad. Both my parents have had cancer, and it’s just stuff.”

Hahn also has ovarian cancer but is in remission.

She knows what it takes to get through to the hard times, but she never expected to experience what happened Monday.

Hahn says two glass doors gave way to rising floodwaters Monday at her apartment.

She grabbed her two cats and her work computer and ran upstairs to a friend’s apartment.

On the way upstairs, Hahn experienced quite the scare.

“I had her in the cat carrier, and we were going up to their apartment. I set her on the concrete, I turned around to lock my door and she jumped after me,” Hahn said. “The whole cat carrier went under the water. It was just, it was horrible.”

The cats are fine now. Hahn’s friend is taking care of them for now.

As for her belongings, she says she will have to pack up and rent a storage unit.

“The stuff smells bad. Some of it I won’t be able to keep just cause of the smell,” Hahn said. “I’ll pack up what I can and figure it out.”

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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