Continental Ballroom still has events planned despite recent troubles

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Continental Ballroom is dormant Tuesday evening, but the facility is advertising a teen “twerk” party set for a week from Friday.

The ballroom is located in Sheila Tyson’s district, and she is not pleased with the party’s plans.

Initially, it was believed the problem was solved in 2010, which is when the Continental Ballroom lost its business license because of a myriad of issues.

New owners were able to secure a new license to rent out the facility for teen parties. However, the problems stuck around.

“Property damage inside the city limits of Birmingham, as well as vehicle break-ins, simple assaults and felony assaults, as well as a couple of shootings,” said Detective Ralph Patterson with the Birmingham Police Department business compliance. Patterson was talking about the issues at the ballroom.

Four days ago, there was another shooting there.

The shooting happened on Saturday, but the ballroom is still advertising for the April 18 party. As of Tuesday evening, the event was still advertised on Facebook in a post saying “Attention teens. Last party will be Friday, April 18.”

The promoters leasing the facility are supposed to appear before the public safety committee on April 21, which doesn’t sit well with Sheila Tyson, the city councilor for the district.

“They’re trying to be funny, so let’s see if we can try to pull their license before,” Tyson said.

As it stands, the party is legal, because no action has formally been taken against the business’ license. However, councilor Tyson promises CBS42 she is vetting all of her options to make sure the party on April 18 doesn’t happen.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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