Ways to prevent or keep your child safe from cyber-bullying

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s a problem that’s harming more and more children every day. With the majority of kids online these days, cyberbullying is becoming a topic no parent should ignore. From receiving threatening texts and emails, harmful comments on social media, or even someone posing as your child to portray them in a bad light; cyber-bullying is destroying kid’s lives, and even pushing some take their own lives.

Experts say it can actually be more dangerous than traditional forms of bullying! Dr. Josh Klapow spoke with CBS42 about the topic of cyber-bullying. When compared to the regular form of bullying, “cyber bulling is different in that there’s no limit to it, it can happen 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and it can come at your child from every different direction.”

cyberbullyingDr. Josh, a clinical psychologist at UAB, offers some advice for parents to prevent cyber-bullying. He says to keep your computers in easily visible areas, such as a family room or kitchen. You should encourage your child to tell you immediately if they’re a victim of cyber-bullying. Also, monitor their online activity, and use parental controls where necessary.

If your child is a victim of cyber-bullying, Dr. Josh says you should:Ways to help

  • Tell them not to respond to it
  • Save the messages and pictures as evidence
  • Try to identify the cyberbully
  • Contact the police if the cyber bullying involves threats of violence, obscene messages, harassment, stalking, hate crimes, or child pornography

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