Stranger shows kindness, helps Homewood resident impacted by floods

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — Families are in the process of wading through their damaged belongings at the Lakeshore Gardens Apartment Complex following Monday’s flooding.

They’re trying to sort out what they can keep and what they’ll have to toss out.

Families have not been cleared to stay overnight because the power is still off, but most of them wouldn’t want to stay in the conditions the flooding left behind.

Monique Hahn is one of them. She lived on the first floor and lost most everything in her apartment.

On Wednesday, she’s realizing she’s got a lot of people who care about her – from friends to complete strangers.

Hahn is used to taking care of others.

“I’ve always been the helper, the giver, the fixer,” Hahn said. “Being on this side of it is just weird and odd, but it makes my heart feel so good.”

That feeling is exactly what Lisa Clements was hoping Hahn would experience.

“She called me yesterday and said ‘You don’t know me, but you’re about to know me,’” Hahn said.

Clements was determined to help.

“I was gonna have a yard sale, and I was dealing with consignment shops, because I have nice things that I’ve worked for, but it doesn’t mean anything to me,” Clements said.

The kind gesture means a lot to Hahn, who is realizing she has more friends than she initially thought.

“It’s amazing that people that I really didn’t think are my friends but have big hearts are really reaching out to me,” Hahn said.

She says the Red Cross is also providing some toiletries and supplies, and that her apartment manager is letter her store some of her things upstairs.

In the end, between complete strangers, old acquaintances and Hahn’s determination, she knows she’ll make it through.

“It’s very humbling and all good,” Hahn said.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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