Drug raid in Vestavia Hills

VESTAVIA HILLS — (WIAT) A neighborhood is stunned after police raid a house for drugs just a few blocks from a school. This all happened about an hour before school let out in Vestavia Hills. Now two men are in jail facing some very serious charges.

While we still don’t know the names of the two men who were taken into custody today or their relation to each other. CBS 42 was the first on the scene this afternoon. We also know investigators spent a lot of time at their Panorama Drive home and seized quite a bit of evidence.

From a beast of a Ford pickup truck to envelopes of paperwork, there seemed to be no end to what officers searched through and packed away into their vehicles including two suspects. But that was just the beginning. As the day wore on, investigator after investigator continued to bring evidence out of the home all under the watchful eye of neighbors.

“It was very surprising,” says Cindy Cherry. “I left to go to carpool today and was surprised to see so many police cars. We want to know what’s going on cause it’s literally across the street from us. And we have kids playing in the neighborhood all the time.”

And that’s a fact that’s not hard to miss as car after car of parents and children drove past what was a drug investigation where officers discovered what they believed to be cocaine.

“When I first walked out I had no clue,” says Cherry. “I didn’t know if it was a break in or if a man was on the loose. I had no idea it would be the person in the house.”

And that’s something that hits just a little too close to home for this mother of four.

“The fist thing I thought of coming home today was this is a good life lesson to show my kids. This is what happens when drugs or whatever is in the picture is in the picture,” claims Cherry. “This is a good life lesson. That’s number one but number two, I don’t want it to be so close to my neighborhood but its reality.

Several neighbors spoke with CBS 42. They say the men who lived in the home were very quiet and kept to themselves. Police still haven’t said what charges the pair will be facing.

2014 WIAT CBS 42

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