Tips for helping your child be more caring

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Do you wish your child was more thoughtful or caring?

Experts say that doesn’t have to be a dream of yours. Rather, it’s something that is very attainable.

It used to be thought that children learn to care only as they mature and grow older, but studies are now showing it can begin at a much earlier age.

“Research has shown that children as young as two to three years old can learn to be very caring,” said UAB psychologist Dr. Josh Klapow. “What that means is as parents we’re in a position to teach our kids how to care.”

Klapow offers some tips to teach your children to care about others.

Be honest about caring versus non-caring behavior using examples of how to treat others in different situations.

Be a role model. If you are constantly caring, it’s more likely your children will copy that compassionate behavior themselves.

Formalize caring. Find organized ways for your children to get involved. For example: showing them how they can volunteer at charities and churches.

Reward for kindness: it’s important to let them know how highly you regard their kind actions by encouraging their caring behavior.

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