JeffCo Health Dept. says ABC Coke in compliance

ABC Coke

TARRANT, Ala. (WIAT) — An industrial plant in Tarrant is requesting a new air emissions permit. Despite concerns from people who live nearby, the Jefferson County Health Department says, ABC Coke is in compliance. Tarrant residents packed a public hearing at the health department.

They were there to find out more about the ABC Coke plant and the emissions it releases into the air. The news they heard didn’t sit too well with many of them, like Margaret Curtis. Curtis said, “in our apartments you can go though and rub your hand. I can go in their right now, wipe windowsills, you come along five minutes later to wipe windowsills, you say what happened, the top of my refrigerator is black as your bag.”

An informational meeting on another plant down the road is Tuesday at the Harriman Park Rec Center at 6 pm. The meeting is about the Walter Coke Plant in North Birmingham.

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