Trovon Reed: Transitioning from offense to defense

(WIAT-CBS42, Sebastian Posey)

Auburn, Ala. (WIAT)-After limited success as a wide receiver, Trovon Reed was moved to cornerback, a process that hasn’t been easy.

“It’s a learning process,” said Reed.  “It’s not as easy as I thought but I got coach Smith, one of the best cornerback coaches in the country.”

“He is at home,” said Auburn defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson. “I think it is a very natural position for him.  “He is still learning a lot of the nuances that you have to be able to do to play corner. He will get beat on a back shoulder fade occasionally because he will get on top of a receiver and some of the little technical aspects that he will begin to polish up.”

After coming up with just 9 catches in 2013, the senior believes this was the best move for his career.

“Time is running out so I have to do something now,” said Reed.  “I can’t wait anymore.  I waited my whole time here. I don’t have anymore time to wait, I have to go get it.”

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