Auburn to resume classes Thursday following campus threat

AUBURN, Al (WIAT) — An alleged threat, a campus shut down and panic amongst students and parents. It’s been a long 24 hours since a photograph first went viral on social media causing a flurry of calls to the Auburn Police Department and campus officials.

The picture details a threat scrawled on a bathroom wall promising a rampage of biblical proportions on today’s date.

The good news is the alleged threat never happened but the University is still on High Alert.

And several students we talked to were quite relieved when the University canceled classes today. And they say going forward they’re going to be even more observant.

“You can’t just say something like that and expect it to be brushed off you know,” says Auburn student Paige Serzen. “Things like that need to be taken seriously.”

Paige and her friend Carly are both sophomores at The University. And they both received the same shocking group text Tuesday night of  the threat picture.

“It takes a lot for someone to want to threaten a whole entire campus,” claims Carly Ilvenyo.

Not sure what to think of the threat, Carly made plans to skip school. Just like fellow classmate Hunter Lanier. His mom explains the decision.

“He wasn’t sure what to do,” says Lisa Lanier. “We just discussed it enough to figure out the best choice for him would be not to go to class in the morning.”

Now that the threat has passed, Hunter believes the University made the right choice but he’s more annoyed at the situation than concerned at his safety.

“I feel safe,” claims Hunter. “I think it was just some dumb kid and I think it will blow over. They’re just going to take the right safety precautions with extra security and all that until people feel more secure.”

Officials at Auburn have said the university will resume classes as normal tomorrow morning. And the police department does not believe there is any danger from the alleged threat although the case is still open.

However there will be some extra security on campus for the next few days. How that security and this incident will affect A-Day this weekend we do not yet know. Calls to the university were not returned and/or inquiries were not commented on.

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