One Class At A Time: McAdory Middle School

MCADORY, Ala. (WIAT) — History teacher Andrew Reid was surprised when CBS42 showed up during lunchtime at McAdory Middle School.

He’s this week’s recipient of $1,000 as a part of CBS42’s One Class At A Time grant program.

“I have plans to purchase some Wi-Fi routers to put near my room so my kids can  bring their own devices, their phones, their iPads, things like that, so we can really enrich the classroom experience,” Reid said.

Normally, students aren’t allowed to pull out their phones or their tablets in class, but it’s a much different situation in Reid’s classroom.

He has a strategy that allows the use of technology to help history come alive.

His eighth grade class is studying the medieval period, learning about the brave knights.

Now that he’s better funded, Reid is hoping his students’ next crusade will pack more educational punch.

“So many people have the perception that history is boring. But my philosophy is that history is not boring,” Reid said. “The way you present it can be boring. So, by using the technology, I’m gonna try and make my lessons more engaging and really let the students connect to the material.”

CBS42’s co-sponsors for the One Class At A Time project are Pepsi and America’s First Financial. To apply, click here.

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