Controversy continues to grow in Carbon Hill

CARBON HILL, Ala. (WIAT) — Carbon Hill’s city council is getting smaller by the minute, each person who resigns has blamed the mayor’s legal problems.

James “Pee Wee” Richardson is accused of sexually victimizing four women while some were in custody at the jail, including soliciting prostitution from at least one.

Mayor Richardson is literally being demonized by some of his fellow councilmembers.

Terry Mason resigned after a year and a half on the Carbon Hill City Council, putting the blame directly on Richardson’s moral conduct. Mason says, “I cannot, with all sincerity, with my faith in God and Jesus, work for the devil.”

A judge barred Richardson from stepping foot into city hall and the jail complex, so he’s been looking for an office space since being released from jail in September of last year.

Mason says the final straw was last week when a judge allowed the mayor to move into this office which is just feet away from the library. He feels women and children are not safe to be that close to him.

Mason says, “I’ve been fighting that, that was the main thing, I can put up with all the rest of it but him having that office that close proximity to that library and woman and children no.”

With a mayor charged with sex crimes, a crumbling council and now accusations Richardson is “the devil”, some residents say Carbon Hill may soon need divine intervention to work out its problems.

Mason is the third council member to resign since the mayor was arrested.

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