Tempers flare in Fairfield City Council meeting


FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) — Tempers were flying during a special meeting of the Fairfield City Council. The council was there to approve the city’s payroll. The meeting ended early, however, when Mayor Kenneth Coachman, and two council members, walked out.

The council is divided over the vote. Some members want to stop the funding of the Mayor’s salary and his expense account.

Also on the agenda was a resolution for a state auditor to investigate Fairfield’s finances, which Coachman is now fan of, “ignorance beyond ignorance. I cannot believe what we are dealing with.  It is a travesty.  I am embarrassed, but I must push forward.”

Fairfield City Council President Darnell Gardner presented a check at the meeting.  He says the mayor cashed the check for more than $2900 that was supposed to be used on city business.

The City Council is expected to meet again Monday night to once again vote on the payroll and other financial issues.

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