Popular social and video sites named on “heartbleed” hit list

heartbleed hit list

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It took 8 months before anyone noticed that internet hackers had gotten into the business records at Michael’s craft stores.

Investigators believe they are close to finding out who’s behind the Target computer breach.  That one affected as many as 70 million people.

However, prosecuting them could be tricky. The Secret Service believes they may be operating overseas. Then, there’s the heartbleed breach.

Police charged a 19-year-old from Canada in connection with the theft of taxpayer information from the Canadian Revenue Agency website. Heartbleed has affected many websites, and users.

Healthcare.gov notified users to reset their passwords, as a precaution.

Technology company, Mashable, released what it calls a ‘heartbleed hit list’, detailing companies affected by the bug. That list includes Pinterest, Instagram, Flicker, Netflix, and Youtube.

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