Blount Co. DA taking aim at social media bullying

BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Blount County’s top law enforcement official is taking on social media bullying. Her primary targets: Facebook and Instagram.

Blount county District Attorney Pamela Casey says it may take more than just two letters to get the attention of internet goliath Facebook and the company it owns – Instagram. However, she’s determined these degrading posts must stop.

“For the rest of their life they’re scarred by something that happened online,” Casey said. “We can’t address everything but I’m fed up with it, it needs to stop.”

The sexual titles are too graphic to repeat on air, and the violators are posting pictures of teen girls without their permission.

“It has several racial comments in it, it also indicates she likes sex […] to tag her if you know who she is,” Casey said. “This poor young lady, who probably has no clue this is going on, then finds out.”

Casey says passwords have power. She encourages parents to control the password and check their kid’s online behavior daily.

Casey says right now there are six different accounts with these kinds of degrading titles. She wants to know if they know of more in Blount County. She’s asking people to call in and let her know.

Casey says bullying has morphed from the classroom, where 10 to 20 people see it, to now, where anybody in the country or the world can see it.

She says Instagram hasn’t removed the posts yet.

The site has asked her for more information on the situation.

Copyright 2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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