Inglenook community rallies for peace

INGLENOOK, Al (WIAT) — A shooting a week ago caused children to scramble for cover. Now, one Birmingham community is rallying for peace. Thursday night parents, children and community activists marched in the streets in the hopes of stopping the violence.

Pastor Tommy Bailey is a father and non-violence advocate for peace in the streets. After this weekends shooting near a park full of children left three clinging to life in the hospital, he’s leading a small but powerful group on a march through Inglenook.

“Most of us are made up of ex-felons,” says Bailey. “We’re not proud of what we’ve done. But at the same time we’re proud of what we’re doing now.”

And it’s that unusual distinction, says Bailey, that makes this group extremely effective in bringing about changes is some of the roughest neighborhoods in Alabama.

“I feel that we would have a better effect on them because we’ve been there,” claims Bailey. “Most these young folks we know. We done rub shoulders with their uncles, their older brothers, their older sisters. So we know a lot of them. So therefore they’ll listen to us.”

At this time three people have been arrested in connection with Sundays shooting. Bailey says solving this case is a start but bringing the neighbor back to the hood is the goal.

“It’s sad to say that most the community is divided,” says Bailey.  “Sometimes you just have to put on a special function that is free, will draw everybody or most of the peoples here in the community anyway together.”

The groups next event planned for the Inglenook community will be a large BBQ where people can get out and get to know their neighbors. After that, PITS has marches planned for both the Ensley and Wylam areas.

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