Tornado damaged church holds service outside

Kimberly damage

KIMBERLY, Ala. (WIAT) – Pastor Stan Cooke described it as an usual day, having church service outside in a tent it actually how it all began for the Kimberly Church of God.

The congregation went back to their roots Sunday. Large white tents served as a service and eating area.

It’s been almost one week since tornadoes ravaged parts of Alabama, including their church, but they aren’t letting the loss of their building slow them down.

“We’ll be [here] probably four to six weeks out in the parking lo until we are able to move back into either the fellowship hall or either the main sanctuary. I don’t see us going to another site. everyone wants to stay here and close and work on the property to clean it up and maintain it as much as possible,” said Pastor Cooke.

Construction on some parts of the church should be complete within a few months, according to Cooke, but work on a new building for the Sunday school wing and youth department will take at least a year.




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