Schools in Kimberly and Bessemer reopen after tornadoes

BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) — In Bessemer and Kimberly, school buses dropped off students Monday morning. Usually, that wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary but in these communities; it’s something kids haven’t been able to do for a week.

“This has been a trying year for us as it relates to so many things we have no control over but we still want to get back to normalcy,” Bessemer City High School Principal Jasponica Florence Moore said.

Tornadoes that tore through Bessemer and Kimberly last Monday damaged schools and forced both districts to cancel classes.

All Bessemer city schools shut down for a week. In Kimberly, North Jefferson Middle School had to close its doors as well. A tornado tore a hole through the gym roof and nearly flooded the entire school.

Now the schools are back open and kids are back in class. With less than a month left in the school year, the schools have a lot to fit in before summer vacation.

“Definitely it’s been a struggle. May is already full we have graduating, ACT tests, Advanced Placement tests, we have final exams, so we’re full of tests but then we have our senior activities that are the most rewarding. So we really want to make sure we get all of our students to accomplish these activities that are really for them once in a lifetime,” Florence Moore said.

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