The digital dilemma growing inside schools

digital dilemma

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — There is no question that technology can make learning more interesting. Fun would be an understatement for most children when it comes to time spent on digital devices in the classroom.

But teachers worry that no one is teaching the social graces of using smartphones and tablets in the school. CBS42 talked to a teacher in one school system who says a new “bring your device” policy has them fearful about what could happen outside the classroom when no one monitors a student’s use of technology inside the classroom.

“Teachers are being recorded without consent, we’ve had incidences where teachers have been saved as the backdrop on students cell phones where that can cause harassment concerns,” says the teacher.

With concerns like this growing around the area, how are schools systems working to keep the students and their digital lives in check?

Find out in a special report, tonight on CBS42 News at 10.

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