Fla. firefighters shave heads in support of boy with cancer

Miami firefighters

MIAMI, Fla. (WIAT) — A Miami Fire Department is adapting a bold new look in support of one of its firefighters, whose son is suffering from cancer.

Three-year-old Jesse James was diagnosed with leukemia about three weeks ago. After undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatments, his father, Miami firefighter Jesse Santerre, wanted to shave his son’s head rather than have his hair fall out.

When little Jesse said he was afraid to cut his hair, his dad and his fellow firefighters stepped up. Jesse got to shave his dad’s head and about seven other firefighters, which gave him the courage to embrace his own new ‘do.

The fire department is also planning to start selling orange wristbands that say “Jesse James” and “MFDstrong.” All the proceeds will go to Jesse’s family to help cover treatment costs.

“It means a lot.,” says Santerre, “since day one it’s been a brotherhood within the fire department, and the outcome today just makes it a lot stronger  plus my son, my little one gets to see how strong this brotherhood really is.”

Doctors are hoping this week’s test results will show Jesse’s cancer is in remission.

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