P.R. Hughes Trading Company damaged in fire early Tuesday

P.R. Hughes Trading Company

HALEYVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Jimmy Israel is the vice president of P.R. Hughes Trading Company. Hughes says he found out about the fire and smoke at the P.R. Hughes Trading Company at 1 a.m.

“I feel pretty low about it,” Israel said. “You know, this is 30 years of our life. Thirty years of our lives that’s gone up in smoke.”

Nine fire departments were called to the scene. While most of the facility is seriously damaged, firefighters were able to salvage the company’s office.

The Haleyville Fire Department says it could have saved more if P.R. Hughes had installed one more safety device.

“As far as our business is concerned, we’ve done about all the Mother’s Day selling that we were going to do,” Israel said. “So, that’s a good thing.”

P.R. Hughes is a floral distribution company. Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, most would think the fire is a cruel financial setback.

However, timing is everything.

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