One Team at a Time: Locust Fork High School Football

Locust Fork, Ala. (WIAT)-It’s not what you do in the fall that defines success.

“In order to win in the fall you have to work in the whole offseason,” said fullback Shiloh Biles.

With spring practice underway, they are putting in several hours both in the weight room and out on the practice field.

“You’ve got to have a good offseason program to be successful in the fall,” said head coach Chris Musso. “Not only does that reduce injury but it protects your kids and it allows them to reach their potential by getting bigger, stronger, and faster.”

The Locust Fork High School football team has bought into that concept so CBS42 and Hibbett Sports rewarded Coach Musso and his Hornets with a $1,000 gift card to make some upgrades to their weight room.

“First we want to say thank you to Hibbett Sports and 42,” said Musso. “We are so thankful and honored and humbled that you all would come by and do that for us. We are going to update our weight room with the weight belts and pad for our bars and ankle braces and weighted vests so we are super excited for it.”

If you have a team you would like to nominate, go to and find the “One Team at a Time” tab under “Only on CBS42.” Fill out an application and wishlist and maybe you can be our next One Team at a Time.

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