Mass. driver uses dummy to ride in HOV lane

QUINCY, Mass. (CNN) — A Massachusetts driver clearly wasn’t using his head when troopers say he tried to use a mannequin head to drive in the HOV lane.

Trooper John Carnell said the driver’s attempt to make the head look like a person wasn’t successful. “He had a jacket holding it up, almost like a work jacket, just enough to prop it up, but the angle of the neck didn’t look right.”

In order to use the HOV lane, a car has to have at least two people inside. Carnell said the driver admitted he didn’t want to wait in traffic.

The trooper issued the driver a $50 citation.

He said it’s not the first time he’s seen a dummy passenger, last year he cited a woman who had strapped a baby doll in a car seat.

Copyright CNN 2014

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