Board votes to transfer Ramsay High School principal

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — When students at Ramsay High School get their diplomas on May 28, 2014, they won’t be shaking hands with Principal Dr. Evelyn Nettles. The Birmingham Board of Education transferred her Tuesday afternoon.

While Nettles pleaded for her job at Ramsay High School, her students were in front of the Birmingham Board of Education pleading right along with her.

In the end, though, it didn’t matter.

The board voted to transfer her from the principal, a job she was handpicked to take nearly two years ago at to Kennedy Alternative School.

The decision made Tuesday was a tough one, says board president Randall Woodfin.

Parents say even if the decision was going to be made, it didn’t have to be like it was Tuesday.

“The negative press could have been avoided if they’d have waited 30 days,” parent Angela Strozier said. “Just 30 days without interrupting the flow of school.”

After the meeting Nettles tried to soothe her former students. She told them she loved them and worked for them every day.

With Nettles gone, many of the students say they won’t be going back to Ramsay anytime soon.

On Wednesday, members of Ramsay’s Student Government Association, the administration, the Birmingham Board of Education and the school superintendent will meet at the Ramsay High School.

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