Dozens of Ramsay students walk out of school in support of principal

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s been a rocky two days for the Birmingham Board of Education. This after a well-loved principal was transferred to another campus. Today students took a stand and demanded their voices be heard.

“We got together and decided we were going to fight for our principal even though the decision has already been made,” said Taylor Bigsby, a student at Ramsay High School.

She is one of about eighty students who up and walked off of campus today.

“We still want to fight for her and show how much we care about her,” said Bigsby. “And this right here, us coming out here, represents that she did her job.”

Bigsby is talking about their former principal Dr. Evelyn Nettles. Last night she was moved to another school. The Board of Education claims the school didn’t score high enough on state tests. Students were living at the board’s decision.

“We have never had anybody like Dr. Nettles before,” said student Brianna Hawkins. “Never somebody you could come into the office and talk to – problems at home, problems in the community, problems at school. And she had you. The principal before us, if we failed, we just failed and got sent to a zoned school. Dr. Nettles didn’t want us to leave. Dr. Nettles wanted us there. She believe in us so much.”

And that faith in her students seems to have moved them to action. Because sometimes it seems like a chore to even get your kids off the couch. However these students were so determined to get their principal back they not only walked out of class, but they walked across town, two miles, to the board’s offices.

The group had two demands – reinstate Dr. Nettles and fire Superintendent Craig Witherspoon. Witherspoon has yet to step down, but he did release a statement saying he understands the importance of allowing children to voice their opinions but he still has the job of making tough and sometimes unpopular decisions. However Superintendent Witherspoon says he will be meeting with students soon about the future of their school.

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