House, car ‘totaled’ in Alex City due to Wednesday storm

ALEX CITY, Ala. (WIAT) – Alex City police say a home sustained extensive damage due to severe weather that passed through the area Wednesday afternoon.

The damaged occurred near the 200 block of Fairlane Circle.

An officer who spoke with WIAT 42 News says the house and one car were totaled. A pine tree slammed into the roof of the home and another pine tree totaled a car at a different location.

The officer says some fences were damaged by trees in the area.

Neighbors say an elderly couple was in their basement working on furniture when trees came crashing down in their front yard, two of them totaled their car.

There are trees down all over the Fairlane neighborhood leaving neighbors with quite a mess to clean up.

“I was about to turn around and grab my grandmother from upstairs to get in a safe spot down stairs, by then, the house rattled, big crash and boom,” said Jonathan Colon.

A massive tree fell into the side of their home. Contractors say it will likely have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

“My sister’s room is right below where the trees is in the basement. My grandma’s room is luckily on the other side of the house so she did not get hit. we’re very fortunate that no one got injured.”

Police say there were no other reports of damage within the county.

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