If Foxx Trap closes, what’s next?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As the fate of the Foxx Trap Gentleman’s Club hangs in the balance, some interesting information about its ownership is coming to light.

City councilors are adamant about shutting down the club, but even if they are successful, there’s no city ordinance in place that would prevent another manager from coming in, changing the name and running the same type of place.

The general manager of the Foxx Trapp, Steven Tutt, doesn’t own the property.

Rather, prominent Birmingham attorney Izas Bahakel owns the building.

When WIAT 42 News spoke with him on the phone, he defended the Foxx Trap.

“Sometimes, people went into the club then went to the other side of town, and they had a shooting or something, and they tried to blame that on the club,” Bahakel said. “It looks like it just wasn’t quite far.”

Bahakel says if the Foxx Trap is shut down, he will try to find someone else to lease the club.

So, the question remains: what would really change since there’s no ordinance in place to hold property owners accountable for what happens in the building they are leasing to someone else?

Nothing would happen for now, but Councilor Steven Hoyt says that could change.

“I think there are laws that hold property owners when it comes to housing,” Hoyt said. “You know, housing laws and what have you. Business and commerce shouldn’t be different, quite frankly.”

Hoys says he’ll do some research on what other cities have done in similar situations, and then go from there.

He says the first step is to wait for the judge’s final ruling on the Foxx Trap Friday afternoon.

Copyright 2014 WIAT 42 News

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