One Team at a Time: Hoover Orioles

Hoover, Ala. (WIAT) -This week’s winner of One Team at a Time was awarded to Orioles baseball team of Hoover.

It doesn’t take much to get these six year old Hoover Orioles fired up and that’s what keeps Coach Jeff Shanlever coming back out to the ballpark.

“They are a ton of fun,” said Shanlever. “I tell them this all the time. There is no place I’d rather be.”

Except for maybe Hibbett Sports, now that he has money to spend on gear for next year.

Hibbett Sports and WIAT42 presented Coach Shanlever and his Orioles with a $1,000 Hibbett Sports gift card to spend on new equipment.

“It’s an opportunity for us to show that we care for them and we care about the community,” Hibbett Sports manager Grant Layton. “Give them what they need to be a better person.”

“We were stoked about it and of course seeing the kids react, I don’t know that they can grasp the concept of $1,000,” said Shanlever. “A dollar to them is big. Ten dollars is incredible. So the thousand thing is something that they can’t hardly get their arms around.”

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