Ramsay students say school officials forced cancellation of planned protest

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Students at Ramsay High School say they were intimidated to stay on campus after a second walkout to protest their principal’s transfer was canceled. They say it was during the morning announcements that staff members threatened to suspect any student for the rest of the year who participated in the planned protest.

That threat meant any senior would not be able to take final exams or participate in commencement activities. It also meant underclassmen would miss their final exams or participate in commencement activities.

Several students say the atmosphere on campus was very intimidating all day. They say there were more police officers on campus that usual, but Birmingham Board of Education members were also on campus.

They say some were in the hallways blocking school exits. Many students say they had planned to protest and stage another walkout in support of Dr. Evelyn Nettles, but many claim they were strongarmed into staying on campus.

“They has us in the lunch room like animals. They wouldn’t let us walk,” said senior Tatiana Turner. “Every time you walked to the door to even let somebody in they standing there. Are they blocking the doors? Oh yes, they’re blocking the doors. They’re not locked, but they’re blocking them.”

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