Trainer discusses dog safety and preventing attacks

PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – A recent dog attack in the town of Riverside ended in tears as a five year old was mauled to death outside his home.
Authorities believe the attack was unprovoked.

But is it the dog’s fault? Ralph Gibson has trained dogs for three decades. He says behavioral issues are only partly due to breed and in most cases lifestyle and environment play a larger role.
“Thats what solves these issues is evolving the person how to raise the dog. Because if you don’t its like a child that will raise themselves and these things you see is a product of the dog teaching itself.”
Recently a video went viral online showing a young child being attacked – unprovoked – by a medium sized dog.

Gibson says a lot of times that’s a dog that hasn’t been taught right from wrong or a case where training has been neglected
“The majority of what’s going to make the dogs personality, temperament, behavior is environment, lifestyle its brought up in, not the breed.”
Instead, Gibson says we should be encouraging and reinforcing good behavior and socialization with our animals.

“Putting it away from company when it comes over, taking it out of situations, that’s actually building the suspicion level. Thats actually building the aggression level in a dog.” And should we ever find ourselves in a situation with an aggressive dog – Gibson has a few simple tips to ward off most dogs. “If they do come at you you could just turn you back and stomp and they’ll be gone.”

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