Parent speaks out in support of former Ramsay High School principal

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Leland Johnson says Dr. Evelyn Nettles goes above and beyond to make herself accessible to parents and students. He says her job performance speaks for itself. Johnson’s son is a tenth grader and soon-to-be eleventh grader at Ramsay High School.

“It’s the number 11 school in the state of Alabama, and then for whatever reason she’s being moved and the parents, myself, the students, we just don’t understand why she is being moved,” Johnson said.

The Birmingham Board of Education voted to transfer Nettles from her post as the principal of Ramsay High School, a job she was handpicked to take nearly two years ago while at Kennedy Alternative School.

“Three weeks before school is out, in the middle of testing before graduation, these kids have been put through just turmoil with this chance,” Johnson said. “And the timing of it, and the parents also, we have concerns concerning the reasoning behind it.”

Board president Randall Woodfin explained that the move to place Nettles on administrative leave is separate from the decision to approve several personnel transfers at schools, including Ramsay High School.

“Depending on what the issues are, we have to take the action sometimes that are at an unfortunate time,” said Superintendent Craig Witherspoon.

Neither the board nor the superintendent has publicly explained why Nettles was placed on administrative leave.

Nettles’ replacement as Ramsay’s principal is Mark Sullivan. For now, the assistant principal at Ramsay, Mrs. Felts, is in charge.

A special called board meeting and work session will be held Monday at 5:30 p.m.

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