Ala. Democratic Conference backs Griffith, Sewell

MONTGOMEY, Ala. (AP) – The Alabama Democratic Conference has endorsed former U.S. Rep. Parker Griffith for governor and incumbent Terri Sewell for re-election to Congress.

ADC Chairman Joe Reed said the black wing of the state Democratic Party met in Montgomery to screen candidates and make endorsements. He said the ADC’s screening committee recommended Griffith over Kevin Bass because of his support for expanding Medicaid, raising the minimum wage and making sure that tax dollars for schools are spent on public education.

Sewell got the group’s support for a third term representing the 7th Congressional District. She is opposed by Birmingham attorney Tamara Harris Johnson in the primary election June 3. Sewell says she has partnered with the ADC to push forward shared values, including protecting the right to vote.

In contested state Senate races, the ADC threw its support to Earl Gardner in District 1, Michael Howie in District 7, Horace Clemons in District 8, and incumbent Hank Sanders in District 23.

In contested state House races, the group went with C. Terry Jones in District 21, Ted Copeland in District 40, incumbent John Rogers in District 52, Chris Cummings in District 54, incumbent Rod Scott in District 55, Louise Alexander in District 56, incumbent Mary Moore in District 59, incumbent Juandalynn Givan in District 60, incumbent A.J. McCampbell in District 71, incumbent Ralph Howard in District 72, incumbent Thad McClammy in District 76, incumbent George Bandy in District 83, incumbent James Buskey in District 99 and Charlie Steen in District 103.

The group did not make an endorsement in House District 23.

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