Lipscomb mayor arrested on misdemeanor charge

LIPSCOMB, Ala. (WIAT) — Lipscomb Mayor Lance McDade attended a city council meeting on Tuesday evening at 7pm – just 3 ½ hours after he was released from jail on a $250 bond.

No one expected to see the Mayor because he told the city clerk earlier in the day that he would not be attending. He declined to comment on the arrest or anything else to WIAT 42 News’ Melissa Kim. City councilwoman Brenda Renz says the constant distractions from Mayor McDade have been a problem.

“I’m sorry that the city has to keep on going through this situation,” she says, “I’d like to concentrate on positives instead of negatives.”

This isn’t Mayor McDade’s first run-in with the law. He and his wife were arrested in April on domestic violence charges. Councilwoman Renz thinks the city of Lipscomb deserves better from its mayor.

“The citizens of this city have suffered enough and it’s time that we do what we can to improve this city to move it forward and not concentrate on negatives,” she says.

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