Mixed reaction among community members over AMC’s Bombingham series

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A cable network is reportedly developing a show about Birmingham’s turbulent past that is set in modern day Birmingham. With few details available people are drawing their own conclusions. Some welcome the idea, but others worry it could put modern day Birmingham in a bad light.

There’s very little we know about the series at this point- other than the idea incorporates some of the darkest chapters of Birmingham’s past which come back to haunt the city in the present day.

WIAT 42 News received the following description from an AMC press representative:

Bombingham Writer/EP: Alexander Woo (True Blood); Executive Producer: Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment. The fragile peace in present day Birmingham, Ala., is shattered when a murderer from 1963 is discovered and buried demons from the Civil Rights Era resurface. – Jim Maiella, AMC.

For the former U.S. Attorney who prosecuted two of the men involved in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, the show can’t be as scary as what actually happened.

“And they were very scary people. And they, they, they, they just had no soul when it came to these issues and hate. And what people can do in the name of hate ought to be something everybody takes notice of today as much as they did 50 years ago,” said Doug Jones, Former U.S. Attorney.

As a Civil Rights Foot Soldier – Bishop Calvin Woods remembers what happened all too clearly.

“I came down here the morning after the explosion and of course they had blocked it off then you could only get so close the smell of smoke and dynamite was in the air. It was a feeling of fear and terror right here in our own city, our own country,” said Woods.

Woods thinks the city shouldn’t run from its past.

“The title, really expresses two things to me. It lets us know what a damnable and tragic city situation this city was in,” said Woods. “But on the other hand it shows how far this city has come.”

Birmingham City Council President Johnathan Austin worries that people will get the wrong idea about Birmingham if Bombingham doesn’t put the city’s history in context with how far it has come.16th Street Baptist Church

“I think that Birmingham obviously has gotten a reputation for the things and the events that took place in the 1960’s,”said Austin.
“I just hope that when they portray the city I hope they portray the city as it truly is today and not as if the city is still stuck 50 years later,” he continued.

AMC spokesperson Jim Maiella tells us they wouldn’t have much if anything further to say about the show until they got to the stage of taking a formal step like ordering a pilot.
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