DOT wants to require airlines to be upfront about extra costs


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Charging lower fares to get you to book but then charging you for services that used to be free is a common practice for many airlines. They commonly charge for things like checked bags. Now, though, the government is proposing new rules aimed at ending that airport sticker shock.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) wants to require airlines to tell you about those extra costs when you buy your ticket. That includes fees of checked bags, carry-ons and advanced seat assignments.

“There’s all these little gotchas in the current system that will be eliminated with the new system when you see all of these major ancillary fees disclosed upfront,” said Charles Leocha, the director of Travelers United.

The DOT wants to expand the number of airlines required to report late flights, lost bags and overbookings. However, the carriers are pushing back against the idea.

A statement from an airline trade group says the new rules, “…likely would further increase airline expense, and force airlines to pass on the additional costs to customers in the form of higher fares or reduced levels of air science.”

The government hopes to have the new rules in place by 2015.

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