Getting your children to do their chores

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — If you have trouble getting your kids to clean their rooms or help around the house, you’re not alone. The question remains, though. How do you get them to do it, and how do you get them to do it on a consistent basis?

Clinical psychologist Josh Klapow says around the age of five, it’s important for young children to learn, but it’s also important to keep the age of your child in mind.

“The idea is to teach them basic tasks, basic responsibilities, but also things they can be very successful at, because if you set a child up with chores, and they fail early on, you’ve already established a negative learning experience,” said Klapow.

He also recommends parents make the chores fun and make sure the child feels successful in accomplishing the chores. Don’t reward your child with candy, but use incentives that are visual, like a gold star or verbal phrase.

Also, it’s important to never use chores as a punishment. This can send a very confusing message. The bottom line: if you teach the skills early on, cleaning up will become a habit that will last your child a life time.

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