New hack targets Apple devices

Apple devices hacked

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — There is a new global cyber-attack. Hackers are now targeting and locking iPads, iPhones and other Mac devices and sending out a ransom message.

The devices are locked by the hacker using the name Oleg Pliss and demands $100 be sent to a Paypal account in exchange for unlocking it.

The majority of attacked phones are reported to be in Australia, but according to Apple’s support thread a number of victims are from the United States. The hack is reported to be using the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature to remotely lock the devices

If this happens to you Apple says bring the locked phone in to the apple store to be restored. However, unlocking the device will cause the user to lose everything from music to contacts if the phone has not already been backed up.

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