Campaign 2014: Congressional District 6 Race

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – For the first time in 21 years someone other than Spencer Bachus will represent Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District in Washington D.C. There are seven Republicans on the June Primary ballot. We reached out to each of the campaigns to provide some information about their candidates. Here’s just a sample of what they shared with us.

Scott Beason lives in Gardendale and owns two small businesses. He’s served four terms in the state legislature first in the house and the last two in the senate. Beason describes himself as an uncompromising conservative and is proud of a political record that has cast a national spotlight on him.That includes authoring one of the most controversial anti-immigration bills in the country.

Will Brooke is a former attorney and businessman who is no stranger to politics. But has never held public office. Brooke champions his work in helping to reform the Alabama Supreme Court. Brooke chaired the Progress PAC in 2010 helping to establish the first Republican majority in the Alabama State House in over 100 years.

Paul DeMarco has established himself in Montgomery after assuming a seat in the state house through special election in 2005. He is also a partner in the law firm of Parsons, Lee and Juliano. In 2009, he sponsored bills restructuring Jefferson County Government by requiring the hire of a county manager and requiring greater transparency in public financing.

Chad Mathis is a doctor with the Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic. He’s a transplant to Alabama after attending school in Indiana. His campaign says he is a founding member of the Alabama Coalition for Charter Schools.

Gary Palmer is the co-founder of the Alabama Policy Institute. He brings with him a background in engineering. Palmer wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil by tapping into domestic energy resources.

Robert Shattuck is an attorney and a independent blogger. During several debates he offered strong opinions on how Congress is broken. His mission is to change that.

Tom Vigneulle is a small business owner. He owns Royal Bedding in Pelham and is running a grassroots campaign. Vignuelle wants to overhaul the nation’s tax system by adopting a flat tax, reducing what businesses pay. He believes this will encourage international businesses to bring jobs back to the United States.


Avery Vise
Avery Vise

The winner of the District 6 race will then face a Democratic opponent for the seat in Washington. Avery Vise of Maylene will appear on the ballot this fall. Vise owns a small market research firm in Shelby County. He and his family have lived there since 1997. He is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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