Dining out with autistic children

Dinning with Autism

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A local organization is trying to make dining out easier for families with autistic children. Kulture City is a non-profit organization trying to raise acceptance of autism in our society.

The group’s CEO, Julian Maha, came up with the idea of a sensory box after going out with his own son who has autism. He knows first-hand the challenges families face when they want to dine out, and hopes the contents of the box will help keep autistic children entertained in restaurants.

“For kids with autism, this is what stimulates them. This is what gets their brains working, so it kind of engages them and helps them to develop,” says Maha.

Post Office Pies in Avondale was selected as the first restaurant in the state to try out the box. The goal is to expand the program to other family-friendly restaurants around the metro area.

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