Top 5 worst roads around Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – There’s been more than 300 accidents in the past two weeks around central Alabama. WIAT 42 dug a little deeper to expose the most dangerous roads around town and to find ways to hopefully make your commute safer.

More than just announcing an accident that may delay your travel, we looked at the data from the technology used every morning on Wake Up Alabama to keep drivers safe and on time in your morning commute.

A report for the past 15 days was used to pinpoint the areas where the most accidents have occurred. We then used that information and combined it with the number of fatalities and people transported to area hospitals with serious to life-threatening injuries. Using this information here are the top 5 worst areas over the past few weeks.

5) Hwy 31 which had 23 accidents in the last 15 days.

4) Hwy 280 with 32 accidents.

3) I-459 with 36 accidents and one fatality.

2) I-65 which lists 45 accidents over this span of time.

1) 20/59 at Arkadelphia Road with 48 accidents and 4 fatalities.

It is our goal to keep you on time and safe when it comes to our traffic reporting. And if that means spending time investigating and putting the spotlight on dangerous areas, if it saves your life, than that is definitely coverage you can count on.

Copyright 2014 WIAT 42 News

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